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Operators Divided into Small Units: Front-line grassroots CEO required Entrepreneurship




China Telecom is carrying out the "dividing operators into small units and contracting" system throughout the country, contracting some grassroots business units (such as district companies and subsidiaries) out to employees, transferring manpower,money and right to employees, to realize grassroots frontline deciding the allocation of enterprise resources. Therefore, front-line marketing staff will become CEO from task contractor.

The operation mode of grassroots CEO is an epitome of a company, resource utilization, relationship coordination, public relation negotiations, performance distribution, public opinion control, ideological work and so on, all being included. They are qualified and have opportunity to view themselves as an entrepreneur who takes a job as a career. An  entrepreneur is required Entrepreneurship.

Firstly, grassroots CEO need to consider what they should become, as a "contractor" or "entrepreneur". A contractor can think about short-term income only, but pursuing profit and neglecting the essentials are not_5023.com the grassroots CEO really want. Besides, enterprises selecting so many grassroots CEO, is not cultivating marketer who just pay attention to data and serving interests through trickery, but regarding them as "grassroots entrepreneur"to cultivate. An entrepreneur must have his mission and responsibility. They should be open-minded, quick in action, dedicated, modest, persistent, and they should work independently, but also lead others to work together.

    Even if the operators have been divided into smaller units, they cannot work without the vision of overall situation. The problems big CEO encountered often arise among grassroots CEO. Since performance development concerns grassroots CEO'S vital interests, then value promotion concerns their spiritual motive to continuous endeavor. Only the grassroots CEO who can withstand storms and have spiritual support can forge to be "company commander" and "young manager".

It is necessary to make grassroots CEO enjoy bonus from reform, and having entrepreneurship is more necessary for them, for they being able to call the reform spring in telecom field.


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CCS SOFT: full support to the practice of operation and maintenance divided into small units

CCS SOFT's platform of operation and maintenance divided into small units wholly follows the operation principle of Amoeba Management, building data marts of the practice of dividing into small units, supporting the practice of dividing into small units in various professional, such as installation and maintenance, AN (access network), base station, government and enterprises, to promote the pattern adjustment and management idea innovation of China Telecom. At present, the platform has been promoted and applied successfully in province-class companies of China Telecom, achieving the auto claim circuit of equipment, station, government-enterprise customers to man or to unit level-4; providing configuration management of maintenance cost, unit price, sinking cost of equivalent coefficient for various professions; with flexible KPI and pay model, realizing the adjustment and extension of performance evaluation and pay calculation quickly; providing operation analysis method for management layer , in the meanwhile, offering tool to cost control and KPI-performance-pay check for contractor(grassroots CEO) and maintenance personnel. The full promotion and application of CCS SOFT's supporting platform of operation and maintenance divided into small units greatly drive the rapid, deep and all-round development of the work of dividing into small units in this province.


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