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CCS Soft Mobile Market Rising Steadily Excellent Product Helping Customer Get Repeated Success

With the constant improvement of products and service of China Communication Service Application and Solution Technology Co., Ltd. (CCS Soft), the cooperation with China Mobile Group Company is deepening. Not only the number of province of business coverage is expanding gradually, but also the long-term excellent technical strength does well in the customers' system which also is improving constantly.  _0029.com

Recently, to promote the establishment of entire network resource and improvement of "China Mobile Resource Management Quality Assurance System", China Mobile Group Company's Network Department held an evaluation conference of reviewing the process and benchmarking application of the entire network resource management "Whetting Blade Action"on September. In the first phase evaluation of resource system "Whetting Blade Action", the pipeline resource management system of Shandong Province Company, for which CCS Soft provided the Demo system, finally took the crown in the competition with Yunnan Province Company and Hebei Province Company. China Mobile Group Monitor Office also planned to conduct sufficient communication and discuss on the management mode, process ideas of this system, among provinces. Soon after, good news came again. In the second phase evaluation of resource system "Whetting Blade Action" held in Shenyang, Fujian Mobile pipeline resource system, which constructed and completed by CCS Soft as well, had been set as benchmark of Mobile Group pipeline system. This time, the leaders of China Mobile Group Network Department is planning to Fujian for a field research on pipeline system, and will write a specification for Group pipeline resource system, based on the functional framework of Fujian Mobile pipeline system. "Whetting Blade Action" aims to develop deep communication among provinces throughout the country and evaluate the benchmark, in four areas of resource management-system and organization guarantee,quality guarantee of data on stocks, quality guarantee of incremental data, operation and application promotion of resource data. There is no doubt that the outstanding performance of CCS Soft is highly accepted by China Mobile. _???????4166

CCS Soft always has been spaded husbandry, makes progress and improvement in professional field, strives to develop together with client and wins client's trust, in the process of serving China Mobile this important client. At present, CCS Soft has built deep cooperative ties with Anhui, Fujian etc. more than ten important provinces. _85058d.bet

As the wholly-owned subsidiary of CCS Soft, all department employees of CCS Soft have been concentrated and dedicated, cooperative and hard-working for a long time, helping clients bring more value promotion. Our company will adhere to the philosophy that "Leading Technology, Pragmatism and Innovation, Customer First, People orientation", providing leading and excellent OSS operation support products and service for domestic and overseas operators. _??98707


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